Shuttle Service

Effective July 5, 2016, shuttle operations have been transferred to International Limousine Service.  Shuttle routes, schedules and personnel remain the same.  Inquiries and comments relating to service issues should be directed to the ILS dispatcher at 202-388-6800, ext. 218.  This number is serviced 24/7.

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Summer 2016 Shuttle Schedule
Download the 2016 Summer Schedule


Marymount shuttle services connect MU’s Main Campus with Ballston 4040 on Fairfax Drive, Ballston-MU Metro Station and University-sponsored off-campus housing.  There is no longer shuttle service to Ballston Center.

How to Read the Shuttle Schedule
Identify the appropriate shuttle line and your location to see departure times.

Select a Shuttle Line to View Schedule

Effective July 13, 2015, the Marymount Ballston Express (Blue Line) and Marymount Loop (White Line) Shuttle drop-off and pick-up locations at 4040 Fairfax Drive are in the parking lot outside the rear doors. Shuttles no longer stop along Randolph Street.

At the Ballston-MU Metro Station, all shuttles drop-off and pick-up at the corner of 9th Street and North Stuart Street (near the Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts). Please see the map below for the location of Marymount’s stop at Bay B.


Late Shuttles

If a shuttle is delayed by more than 15 minutes, call 202-388-6800, ext. 218 for information.

Marymount Loop (White Line): Weekdays Only – Service to MU Campuses/Off-Site Housing and Metro.
Metro Express (Orange Line): Weekdays Only – Express service between Main Campus and Ballston-MU Metro Station.
Ballston Express (Blue Line): Weekdays Only – Express Service between Main Campus and 4040 Fairfax Drive.

Weekend & Holiday Schedule: Service to Metro and MU Campuses/Off-Site Housing.

Should the university close due to inclement weather, shuttle service will not run. If the university is delayed, shuttle service will begin running one hour prior to opening.

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