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Welcome to Marymount University’s School of Arts and Sciences! Our School is home to 15 undergraduate and three graduate degree programs that encompass communications, mathematics, politics, the fine and applied arts, the humanities, and the natural sciences. Arts and Sciences is home to 60 full-time faculty members—among them nationally known scholars and cutting-edge researchers—all committed to the personalized mentoring and active learning that characterize a Marymount education. Our small classes enable faculty and students to work closely together in a productive, collegial atmosphere. And our professors routinely take advantage of Marymount’s world-class location, taking students to museums, historic sites, plays, concerts, and other events around the greater DC region.

In addition, students in the School of Arts and Sciences have exciting opportunities to engage in research with their faculty mentors; recent examples include a student who helped a professor of Fashion Design develop a line of women’s tennis wear, one who worked with a Biology professor to chart the growth of sea turtles in Belize, and another who assisted a Mathematics professor in creating a computer-simulation model of a zombie attack!

Marymount University and the School of Arts and Sciences are committed to the belief that a broad liberal education provides the best foundation for a successful career and an examined life. If you study at Marymount, you will be challenged to think critically and analytically and to examine your own and others’ assumptions and values—in short, to achieve your full intellectual and moral potential.

I invite you to explore all that the School of Arts and Sciences and Marymount University have to offer. Read about our majors and course offerings, the fascinating projects that our professors pursue, and the many accomplishments of our students. Even better, check us out in person. Come to campus and talk with our students. Sit in on a few classes and experience the kind of teaching and learning that is happening here. See how Marymount can be the right place for you. The Office of Admissions can supply more information and help to arrange your visit. We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Christina Clark

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences


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